Project Description

Instagram has exploded in popularity, and we immediately saw value in the network for Fontainebleau. It was the perfect complement to the hotel’s existing social media presence. Instagram offers an opportunity to directly engage fans and followers in a two-way, visual conversation. Fontainebleau has always been considered a legendary icon of glamorous possibility. Now, as the top individual hotel account on Instagram, it’s an icon of innovation, too.

  • Heighten brand awareness, positioning Fontainebleau as a leading hotel for today’s modern, trendsetting traveler
  • Extend reach on social media and create a two-way conversation with guests
  • Build relevance/cachet on Instagram via relevant partnerships, promotions, and events
Strategy & Execution
  • Adapted Fontainebleau’s existing visual language to Instagram, emphasizing the lifestyle
  • Made photos searchable with original hashtags and performed targeted searches to find relevant user content
  • Monitored conversations and directly engaged users with personalized responses
  • Posted Instagram photos on Twitter and created an Instagram tab on Facebook to showcase all photos uploaded on the platform
  • Created a seamless brand experience across all of Fontainebleau’s social platforms and incentivized multi-platform sharing by users
  • Curated a gallery of exceptional fan Instagram photos on a “From our Fans” Pinterest board
  • Fontainebleau is the most followed individual hotel Instagram account in the United States, with more than 8,000 followers
  • Fontainebleau’s Instagram account has greatly outpaced its local and national competitive set in both number of followers and hashtag mentions of each hotel
  • Fontainebleau has received more than 41,000 Likes and 1,600 comments on its Instagram photos since its launch
  • The #Fontainebleau hashtag has been used nearly 17,000 times on Instagram

National Comp Set: Total Followers Among Individual Properties